[June 2009]

A black family sues a tornado because it was the only one who got hit by a tornado and got their trailer overturned. They referred to the tornado as racist.

When a man interviewed the father of the four personed family (mother, father, daughter, son, plus their animals, which include three dogs, four families of fish, a whole farm of animals, and a cat), he had trouble understanding what the man was saying because of his heavy use of slang, so someone translated it:

"We folk wanted to let you know that we live in a trailer surrounded by a whole bunch of white folk, right? Alright, well, we had some severe weather and then this little mini-twister came by and only hit our house and made it flip over, even. We call the tornado racist, and we're suing it."

Reporters announce that the court date will be held in a few months.